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2024-06-14 Last-Mod: 2024-06-14
7 Types of Sonnets That Every Poet Should Know

Explore the rich tradition of sonnets with this guide to 7 essential sonnet types. Discover the structure, rhyme schemes, and history behind each type of sonnet.

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2024-06-14 Last-Mod: 2024-06-14
How to write a sonnet?

Learn the structure and tips on how to write a sonnet

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2024-05-09 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
How to Write an Acrostic Poem: Tips, Rules and Examples

Learn how to write acrostic poems with tips, examples, and resources to craft your own creative poems.

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2024-05-09 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
5+ Types of Acrostic Poems

This guide teaches you acrostic types to write your own amazing poems. Easy to follow, perfect for beginners. Write like a poet today!

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2024-04-25 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
Acrostic Poem: History, Definition and Examples

Learn about acrostic poem! This guide dives into its history, definition, & gives inspiring examples to spark your creativity. Write your own today!

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2024-04-23 Last-Mod: 2024-04-29
15+ Haiku Examples to Awaken Your Creative Spirit Today

Explore 15+ beautiful haiku examples to spark inspiration and guide you in writing your own stunning haiku today.

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2024-04-22 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
How to Write a Haiku: Structure, Rules, and Examples

Discover the secrets to crafting stunning haikus with our simple guide! Learn all about the structure, rules, and see examples to create your own poetic masterpiece.

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2024-04-22 Last-Mod: 2024-04-29
Types of Haiku Poems

Discover different kinds of Haiku poems. Learn about old and new styles. Find out how people express themselves in Types of Haiku

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2024-04-15 Last-Mod: 2024-06-12
The Complex Life of the ‘Famous Elegy Poet of America - Walt Whitman'

Explore the intricate life and literary legacy of Walt Whitman, the celebrated elegy poet of America, uncovering his profound impact on poetry and society.

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2024-04-09 Last-Mod: 2024-06-12
Robert Frost Inspired Me To Walk Through My Own Defeat

Robert Frost's powerful poetry encouraged me to face my own challenges head-on, helping me to deal with difficult situations and overcome them

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2024-04-04 Last-Mod: 2024-06-12
The Notable Free Verse Poet Sylvia Plath's Battle With Her Mental Illness

Explore the life, poetry, and enduring impact of Sylvia Plath, the influential 20th-century poet.

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2024-03-29 Last-Mod: 2024-06-12
What Maya Angelou's Free Verse Poems Taught Me About Finding Purpose in My Work

Discover how the powerful free verse poetry of Maya Angelou inspired a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in one person's professional journey

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2024-03-22 Last-Mod: 2024-05-21
10 Reasons to Love Emily Dickinson's Poems

Learn 10 great reasons why Emily Dickinson's poems are so loved. Her special way of writing and deep ideas make her poems stand out.

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2024-03-21 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
How to Write Friendship Poems

Learn simple ways to compose meaningful, heartfelt poems celebrating the special bond you share with your closest, dearest friends.

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2024-03-01 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
How to Write Love Poems in 5 Steps

Craft beautiful love poems in 5 simple steps. Find inspiration, choose a style, draft, revise, and complete heartfelt love poetry from the heart.

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2024-02-23 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
9 Easy Steps to Write a Free Verse Poem

Follow this short guide to help you express your thoughts and make your free verse poem more interesting.

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2024-02-16 Last-Mod: 2024-04-26
Haiku Poems: History, Definition and Examples

Discover what haiku poems are all about, their history, and see some examples. Haiku poems are short, but they hold a lot of meaning!

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2024-02-09 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
9 Steps to Successfully Write a Villanelle Poem

Learn to write a villanelle poem that repeats lines. Follow nine easy steps, from choosing a theme you care about to finishing your poem with polish.

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2024-02-02 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
7 Rules of Writing an Elegy Poem

Learn to write heartfelt elegy poems by expressing emotions, sharing memories, and creating a meaningful tribute with simple and powerful words.

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2024-01-27 Last-Mod: 2024-06-14
Top 3 ways to write a sonnet poem

Discover the top 3 ways to craft a captivating sonnet poem.

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2024-01-26 Last-Mod: 2024-05-22
15 Types of Poems to Know, With Examples

Learn about short poems, funny ones, and even poems that tell stories. Find out how words can make pictures and feelings in this fun journey through poetry.

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2024-01-25 Last-Mod: 2024-06-12
How to Write a Poem in 7 Steps

Learn to write poems easily. Make your words powerful, express feelings, and capture your audience. Have fun being creative, and create poems that everyone can enjoy.